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12 ideas already on our platform

By 4 novembre 2022juin 9th, 2023Best practice

Artificial intelligence in CNC Programming

By Darron Mohr, Machining technical Key Account Manager at Jabil

We are looking for competences in:

  • AI technology
  • CAM software
  • Machining
  • Computer programming

We propose to make more efficient CNC programs in less time.

The goal is to evaluate the potential of Artificial Intelligence to program CNC machines using CAM software with minimal input from a programmer.
The team will evaluate the potential of a CAM system automatically program a part with minimal input from a CNC programmer and using AI strategy to optimize the programming logic based on rules.

Sprayable and durable superhydrophobic coating for large area applications

By Marcel Baak, Professor at BFH

We are looking for partners that would like to explore the possibilities of superhydrophobic surfaces in those fields:

  • electronics: protection from aqueous/humid environment of a component
  • applications in tubes etc. : the SHS layer could lead to a self-cleaning effect where a sensor element (i.e. temperature/optical) is at risk of getting dirty
  • medical technology: superhydrophobic coating for reducing microbial attachments (implants): less adhesion of organic substances
  • microfluidics: « stop layer » in hydrophilic channels
  • applications as a filter unit: Use for oil-water separation or Goretex membrane that allows water vapor to pass through, but not water droplets.

Superhydrophobic coatings have many interesting properties as e.g. self-cleaning, anti-corrosion resistance or anti-wetting.

Our project idea is based on the development of a robust superhydrophobic coating that can be applied with a simple process.

X-ray imaging for real-time quality control in additive manufacturing

By François Jeanneret, Head of Engineering at IRIS

We are looking for:

  • all industries using or manufacturing EBAM machines, producing X-ray detectors or even working on electron beam welding (EBW) could greatly benefit from this innovative technological development and are invited to contribute to the present idea. 

We propose to demonstrate the feasibility of real-time defects detection during EBAM using X-ray imaging.

The X-rays energies involved in EBAM process are currently unknown and IRIS and EMPA are planning to test different wavelength detection windows in hard and soft X-ray ranges. 

The need of dual detection system covering X-rays and the Short Wave InfraRed range (SWIR) is emerging and addresses new markets such as the real-time control of additive manufacturing or the inspection of aircraft fuselages.

Laser-based production of microfuidic channels and micro-welding in glass

By Rodolphe Catrin, Project manager at RhySearch

We are looking for :

  • partners already having specific applications or looking for technical solutions.

You are thus invited to bring your ideas and boundary conditions to sharpen or maybe expand the specific scope of this feasibility study.

The presented idea is to use glass material with outstanding physical and chemical properties and take advantage of ultra-short pulse laser micromachining to combine ablation and welding in femtosecond regime.

Consequently, microfluidic channels will be first ablated at the top glass surface and then sealed by an additional micro-welding of a thin glass plate on top.

Effortless diamond turning for optical and mechanical functional parts

By Falk Braunmüller, R&D engineer at Synova SA

We are looking for :

  • manufacturers in optics and optical systems who are interested in diamond lenses’ exotic properties: X-ray free-electron laser, THz, and far infra-red optical applications all strongly benefit from diamond lens properties
  • Other companies interested in turned diamond parts: due to the singular mechanical and electrical properties of diamond new ranges of products are enabled
  • Free form diamond polisher: In order to reach the desired surface quality, Synova may need a partner to polish the parts post-process.

A POC production of diamond optical and mechanical parts with singular properties is enabled by Synova’s newly developed WJGL turning process.

The goal is to demonstrate the precise and efficient turning of functional diamond lenses with a WJGL.

The accuracy of the turning of diamond parts will be characterized. By compensating and reducing both the process and the machine inaccuracies a part precision on the micron level will be targeted.

Surface functionalisation of micro-molds for enhanced durability and precision

By Oksana Banakh, R&D group leader at Haute-Ecole Arc Ingénierie

We are looking for :

  • manufacturer of molds for plastic stamping or injection
  • manufacturers of pharmaceutical pack blisters
  • microfluidics chips

Plastic can be molded by stamping or injection techniques. Both methods require a mold fabrication.

The idea of the project is to develop a specific surface treatment to enhance the surface quality of the mold which will be reflected in the quality of the molded parts.

Thank to this innovative surface treatment, a treated mold will last longer and the molded parts will be replicated with a higher precision.

The innovation consists to apply a low-temperature ALD vacuum treatment for plastic micro-molds with high conformal deposition of a very dense film.

New detection technology for Airport closed luggage inspection

By Claude Meylan, CEO at IRIS

We are looking for:

  • service companies and suppliers of equipment active in the field of airport security.

We propose to implement in an X-ray system a new perovskite-based detector with direct conversion mode to improve the detection surface and make the system much cheaper.

The Baggage inspection at the airport can be dangerous and time-consuming. The state of the art – currently under assessment – is to use fully automated alarm resolution based on barrier analysis technology to detect explosives and other illicit compounds, such as drugs. The X-ray equipment used comprises a detector, which is particularly expensive and whose detection surface remains small.

Color and surface characterization of electropolished anodized Titanium parts

By Hélène Mourot, Senior Project Manager Engineering Services at Jabil

We are looking for:

  • any company that does medtech or watchmaking anodizing should be interested in that project.

We propose to develop an innovative Electropolishing Process for Anodized Titanium Implant.

For the final inspection in future manufacturing reference color standard need to be created and calibrated or quantitively characterized to ensure the repeatability and reproducibility of the creation of these reference parts in the future.

The goal is to find an innovative methodology to characterize objectively the 2-dimensional information (color and shininess) on entire surface of the implants. And then use this methodology to calibrate the future reference sets used after electropolishing and anodizing of Titanium Implants. More long term, we expect to implement this methodology into an automatic inspection system in the manufacturing environment.

Solid state flash LiDAR for mid-range 3D detection

By François Jeanneret, Head of Engineering at IRIS

We are looking for:

  • micro-optics and other optics
  • electronics for the VCSELs array driver in pulsed mode.
  • All lovers of LiDARs for autonomous systems who think to be able to contribute should feel welcomed.

We propose to develop long-range LiDARs for autonomous vehicles.

The core and disruptive technology of the company is the conception of germanium-tin (GeSn) single photon avalanche diodes (SPADs) for short-wavelength infrared (SWIR) sensing.

Integrated vibration damping

By Denys Sutter, co-founder at condenZero GmbH

We are looking for:

  • team member with know how in piezo electronics and how to control them electronically.

We propose: a POC to integrate piezo actuators in 3D printed structures that compensate for mechanical vibrations in the liquid flow tubes.

Modern Science depends increasingly on low temperatures. Liquid helium (-269 Celsius degrees) is a widely used cryogenic medium. An outstanding challenge are mechanical vibrations that stem from liquid helium flow through supply tubes and inhibit atomic accuracy. A positive outcome means a significant step closer to microscopical experiments at low temperatures that can resolve material structures atom by atom.

Single digit nano-voxel ultrafast 3D-printing with space-time quantum coupling

By Peter Bradley

I am looking for:

  • At least one leading academic partner who’ll have the option to take over all the know-how and IPRs, COMSOL multiphysics numerical simulation to implement and fine tune the model getting ready for scale-up options and future project applications,
  • Industrial partners in ultra-high precision liquid handling, or interested in such new nanofluidic analytic tool or 3d-metal-micro-nano-printing (tip based nano-manufacturing).

I propose to merge two recent disruptive breakthroughs. On the one hand quantum induced friction free enhanced flow rate, and on the other hand a yet secretive multiphysics modelling of nano-nozzle dispensing of reactants.

These are to enable nanofluidic electrochemical additive manufacturing (including above non-conducting substrate) reaching single digit nanoscale xy resolution and kinetic reaction rate spectrum never even yet dreamed of. Nanoreactors, biological cell sorting and more, such as 3d nano-circuit printing, are further examples of potential future applications.

New sensing technology of delamination in composite aircraft parts

By Claude Meylan, CEO at IRIS

We are looking for:
  • partners active in the field of non-destructive X-ray testing, preferably with experience in testing composite aircraft parts.

We propose to demonstrate effectiveness of sensor comprising new absorption materials for X-ray inspection procedure of composite aircraft parts.

The ultimate goal of this project is to provide maintenance personnel with the tools to perform rapid and efficient inspection of composite parts of aircraft.