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NTN Innovation Booster - Microtech

Gemeinschaftliche Innovation

im Dienst der Mikrotechnik

Sie haben eine innovative mikrotechnische Idee und Lust, an kollaborativen Projekten teilzunehmen?

Entdecken Sie einige Ideen

Looking for financing

Surface functionalisation of micro-molds for enhanced durability and precision

O. Banakh

Develop a wear-resistant antiadhesive coating for high precision plastic stamping mold to enhance its life time and precision of molded parts.

1000 CHF / 5000 CHF
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Looking for financing

X-ray imaging for real-time quality control in additive manufacturing

F. Jeanneret

The objective of the study is to demonstrate the feasibility of real-time defects detection during additive manufacturing using X-ray imaging

5000 CHF / 5000 CHF
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Effortless diamond turning for optical and mechanical functional parts

F. Braunmüller

A POC production of diamond optical and mechanical parts with singular properties is enabled by Synova's newly developed WJGL turning process.

0 CHF / 5000 CHF
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16 September 2022