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Dual detector for non-destructive testing in the field of aeronautics

By 22 mars 2022mars 24th, 2022News, Testimonials

About your idea

What is your idea?

Our idea – at the crossroads of ongoing developments at CSEM and Empa – is to make it possible to manufacture a sensor capable of detecting low-energy X-rays as well as short wavelengths in the infrared.

The main objective is to demonstrate – in the course of the feasibility study – that the major technical contradiction between the need for high temperature processing of the detector’s thin absorption layers (in this case a germanium-tin alloy) and the need to protect the electronic circuitry (and other layers) from the undesirable effects of the heat treatment can be overcome.

Who is this innovation aimed at, respectively who will be the end user?

This innovation is aimed at manufacturers and companies that have an affinity with aircraft fuselage and wing maintenance. It also concerns equipment manufacturers and suppliers of metal-on-metal additive manufacturing systems.

In which application areas could this innovation be useful?

Our idea concerns two new quality control applications in the aeronautical field.

The first one aims at facilitating the non-destructive testing of aircraft through the integration of a series of sensors in the fuselage.

The second involves real-time control of metal-on-metal additive manufacturing equipment, particularly for the production of complex wing sections.

What benefits will this bring to users?

The innovation that will result from this project should make it possible to cover quality needs that are not yet satisfied in the manufacture of complex parts. It should allow for real-time correction of any defects in additive manufacturing. It will also improve the quality and inspection time of aircraft structures.

What partners are you looking for for your project?

In addition to the partners already involved in these developments, i.e. EPFL, LMSC, Empa and CSEM, we would like to be able to count on the involvement of additive manufacturing equipment manufacturers or service providers in the field of aircraft manufacturing and maintenance.

About you and the Booster

Who are you?

My name is Claude Meylan, I’m the founder of the company IRIS.

Where do you currently work and what position do you hold?

President and CEO at IRIS.

How did you hear about the Microtech Booster?

A chance meeting with Ms. Joëlle Tosetti, the platform’s facilitator.

Would you like to participate in this idea?

Join the team on the platform.