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Matchmaking tour at Rhysearch and SwissOptic

By 17 May 2023June 9th, 2023Events

This last Tuesday 16th of May, we had a great event, powered by Innosuisse, at Rhysearch and SwissOptic.

💐First and foremost, we want to express our gratitude to RhySearchOST – Ostschweizer Fachhochschule and SwissOptic for hosting such a remarkable visit. Their warm hospitality and willingness to share their knowledge made the entire experience truly exceptional.

🚀During the visit, we were given a comprehensive tour of their state-of-the-art facilities. From the moment we stepped through the doors, it was clear that innovation and excellence were at the core of everything they do in that region. The enthusiasm and passion were creating a perfect atmosphere for future collaborative innovation.

The participants discovered the activities in the Rhine Valley with a visit of Rhysearch in Buchs and the OST, the presentation of René Zünd of feinwerkoptik Zünd, and Eugen Voit of the AGV Rheintal. In the afternoon, we could discover and visit SwissOptic with Thomas Ruppel, then finally the exhibition on the history of photonics and optics of the whole region, guided by Eugen Voit. The closing aperitif was welcome before going back to the West!

🤝It was an excellent networking opportunity, allowing for meaningful exchanges of ideas and experiences. The connections made will undoubtedly be valuable for future collaborations and professional growth.

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