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Environmental Framework Harmonization in Watchmaking Industries

By 26 avril 2024Interviews

What is the purpose of your idea?

Our projet aims to harmonize the sustainability questionnaires in watchmaking industry. This to allow watch making brands to be able to obtain fast and accurate data to allow carbon footprint scope 3 calculation, fair comparison between suppliers and define carbon footprint reduction strategy in collaboration with suppliers.

For suppliers, receive only one questionnaire, with clear instruction on how to measure, gain time, money and allowing them to easy calculate carbon footprint of company and product. Competitive advantage, keep customer, enhance collaboration.

Objectives : Harmonize Sustainability Questionnaires, Enable Fast Data Collection, Facilitate Scope 3 Carbon Footprint Calculation, Foster Collaboration and Competitiveness

Benefits : Watchmaking Brands gain efficient data collection, fair supplier comparison, collaborative reduction strategies, and a competitive sustainability edge. Suppliers benefit from a unified questionnaire, time and cost savings, enhanced collaboration, and a competitive advantage.

Conclusion : Our project offers a transformative solution for the watchmaking industry, simplifying sustainability efforts and driving meaningful change. Join us in shaping a more sustainable future for watchmaking, together.

Which element brings an innovation to the market?

The innovation brought to the market lies in the streamlined process of sustainability questionnaires within the watchmaking industry. This innovation enables swift and accurate data collection for carbon footprint scope 3 calculation, a crucial aspect of sustainability assessment. By harmonizing these questionnaires, the project facilitates fair supplier comparisons and collaborative carbon footprint reduction strategies, offering a novel approach to sustainability management in the watchmaking sector.

Whom may your idea concern? In which field of activity do they work?

The idea may concern both watchmaking brands and suppliers operating within the watchmaking industry.

Both entities play integral roles in the watchmaking ecosystem and would benefit from the streamlined sustainability approach offered by the project.

What kind of partners are you looking for to invest in your idea and be part of your team?

  • Watchmaking brands and groups with their suppliers
  • High schools for software development.

What are the benefits of the collaboration with industrial/academic partners in your project?

Working with watchmaking brands, suppliers, and academic partners enhances our project’s industry relevance and adoption potential. Industrial partners offer expertise, resources, and market connections, while academic partners provide technological innovation and research capabilities. Together, these collaborations enrich the project, combining industry insights with innovative solutions for greater impact.

Would you like to participate in this idea?

Join the team on the platform.