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How to prevent your electric vehicle from catching fire?

TEDEV is the project name of Frédéric Danzi, from Danzi-Innovative Sàrl.

This preventive solution for early detection of temperature rises in electric car batteries will soon be targeting international contacts.

The objective of this project ?

Reduce the risks associated with an electric vehicle fire in a parking lot.

By 2035, there will be around 2 Min electric vehicles in Switzerland. In case of a fire in one of these vehicles, an average of 40,000 liters of water are needed, which is a considerable amount.

What was his biggest challenge during the feasibility study ?

The biggest challenge was to prove the sensor’s ability to detect an abnormal rise in the battery temperature of an electric vehicle at an early stage.

His feedback about his Microtech Booster experience

How did the Booster work? Magnificently well!

It’s a wonderful springboard for launching innovations. The structure is very professional, we have tools at our disposal, we received advices and a lot of attention.

This 6-month feasibility study, powered by Innosuisse was conducted jointly with

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