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Innovation & creativity in the age of Lego® Serious Play®

By 21 juin 2024Events

Most of the time, innovation is associated with technological products. But it’s not limited to this niche; it also encompasses the way we work and interact.

The « Lego® Serious Play® » method is a perfect illustration of this trend, transforming the way we approach complex challenges and stimulating boundless creativity.
This technique doesn’t just place the technology or the product at the center, but recognizes that the real driver of innovation is the user.

Here are some of the pillars that support this method:

  • Inspiration from the future – Detach yourself from everyday problems and set your sights far ahead
  • Prototyping – Thinking with your hands, a method that stimulates creativity
  • Cross-disciplinary teams – Merging diverse skills to enrich thinking. This method encourages active participation, whether between colleagues, customers or even competitors, creating a level playing field for all
  • Error tolerance – Learning from our failures is essential
  • Playful development – As Einstein said, « Play is the highest form of inquiry. » Starting a session with Legos® lowers communication barriers, making exchanges more fluid and natural
  • Visualizing abstract concepts – concretize your vision to clearly illustrate the direction to follow. Legos can be used to materialize ideas, making them easier to understand and develop, whether for innovation or business model redesign
  • Serendipity – Being ready to welcome innovations that arise unexpectedly, sometimes by chance.

Effective practice: The key to success with Lego® Serious Play® lies in the proper preparation of the sessions. Well-structured challenges guarantee commitment and productivity.

Universal commitment: Whether working with children or adults, there’s something for everyone. Lego® Serious Play® isn’t just a method, it’s an invitation to rethink the way we interact and innovate together.

In short, the simplicity of play can solve very complex problems and stimulate sustainable innovation.

This is what participants learned during our workshop hosted by Arnaud Maître, from Louis Bélet and moderated by Lukas Schmid and Andreas Bauer, from IDEE: Institute of Innovation, Design and Engineering, uni OST.

Some pictures from this event