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Interview with Martin Forrer, Innosuisse expert

By 6 octobre 2023Interviews, News

Since when are you one of the Innosuisse experts and in what consists this occupation ?

I am engaged with Innosuisse as expert since 2018. This function serves the Innosuisse mission mainly on the evaluation of project applications. Based on the recommendation by two experts, the relevant members of the Innosuisse Innovation council take the decision for funding.

Mr. Forrer, can you explain us what are the gains for the swiss companies with the different Booster programs ?

Think of the Booster programs as a pathway for early promotion and validation of innovative concepts and ideas from within a company, a group of companies and institutes or even a group of individual persons.

In particular the Booster programs are promoted in the direction of radical and open innovation.

The booster programs are selected by Innosuisse as a mission to relevant industry sectors, since its start now 18 boosters are running in parallel. Once approved a leading house is tasked to organize the further efficient selection of applications for projects which typically have a duration of 4-6 months in maximum. Each booster is free to take its own path of organization within the frame of the Innosuisse reviewing authority and financing releases.

Until now, what are the successes of the Microtech Booster that you’re enjoyed by ?

The organisation and drive by the Microtech Booster Team is exceptional. I enjoyed seeing the Microtech Booster gradually reaching out all over Switzerland with engaging Booster Teams.

Often discussed with Joëlle Tosetti and Fabian Käser, I do see the funding challenge as a sort comparable to a regular public event (similar to sports), which is giving a lot of momentum and attention to the microtech community.

Of course the goals are high and ambitious, nevertheless I do believe that further notice will be taken by gradually higher functions up to the CEO’s of companies to support the continuation of these funding challenges.

The Microtech Booster is based on a system of selection of ideas on the platform « by the companies » and not by a jury, what do you think of this mechanism?

This kind of “kickstarter” funding process was a risk in the beginning, however it has developed into a remarkable success story. In addition to engaging external persons and groups, it provides also a means of direct support funding, which is a precondition for launching a Booster project.

For this year, what are your expectings about the Microtech Booster ?

This is the third year and first concepts for the time after the Innobooster need to be structured. Valuable input for this can be found by comparing success and reach with other booster programs. In addition it might be worthwhile to start a move into the educational segment, working eg. for an apprentices booster, which could become a qualifying provider for future idea generators.

At the end of the ongoing program (December 2024), what are your expectations for the Microtech Booster ?

This is the right question and I would happily see the organisation becoming self-sustainable in cooperation with other boosters, promoting the successful methods and processes for idea selection into larger segments of the Swiss Industry.
In the view of the international competition in the fields of Innovation promotion the Innosuisse Booster Program is a leading true game changing approach.