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Interview with Urs Muntwyler, Innosuisse expert

Since when are you one of the Innosuisse experts and in what consists this occupation ?

I’m working as Expert since 2018 for Innosuisse.

But before, I was programme manager for the P- and D-programme “light-weight electric vehicles” for the Swiss Federal Office of Energy SFOE as external collaborator. I also acted as expert for the European Community, some European states and was chair of the Technical Collaboration Programm “Hybrid- and Electric vehicles” of the International Energy-Agency IEA from 1998-2018.

In parallel, I started and run several companies and sold 2 of them in 2010 to become Professor for photovoltaics and renewable energies at the Berner University of Applied Sciences.

Mr. Muntwyler, can you explain us what are the gains for the Swiss companies with the different Booster programs ?

In a booster you can meet experienced specialists for dedicated problems. This could be even a competitor. The booster offers a protected area for such collaborations and innovations.
Overall it helps to bring new ideas and innovations faster to the application and the market.

Until now, what are the successes of the Microtech Booster that you’re enjoyed by ?

The Microtech Booster started within a network of established and new companies mainly from the “Arc jurassien”. The management team of the Microtech Booster is excellent, brings them together and supports them during the project duration.

The Microtech Booster is based on a system of selection of ideas on the platform « by the companies » and not by a jury, what do you think of this mechanism?

This is like a “market”, where ideas must be competitive to win the support of the Microtech Booster.

For this year, what are your expectings about the Microtech Booster ?

First of all, that we get more than 6 good projects per half year which satisfies the innovators and companies.

Overall a spread out into the German and Italian speaking regions would be welcome. But for me good projects are more important, wherever they come from. The Arc jurassien offers a unique surrounding for many of the innovations in the Microtech Booster.

At the end of the ongoing program (December 2024), what are your expectations for the Microtech Booster ?

That’s a real good question… If the Microtech Booster can hold his level of activities and the momentum we should go further. It would be a pity to close such a network, if it still creates value. I hope that Innosuisse and the management team of the Microtech Booster will find a way to proceed.

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