Team Rules (templates)

(only relevant for eligible participants in the feasibility study)

Your idea is selected for the feasibility study? Your team must agree on how to do it:

Governance & responsibilities, scope of work, resource pooling, information sharing & confidentiality, intellectual property, etc. There are many aspects to consider, to reach a joint agreement.

To help your thinking, you will find hereunder a set of templates, with comments, that are compliant with the rules of the Programme.

You do not have, however, to use any of these templates; feel free to make your own contract(s), provided that you comply with the minimal requirements of the rules of the Programme, notably Sections 4.2. & 4.3 of the Terms of Service.



This document may serve for the unified terminology you would like to use in the contractual relation with your team mates. You should read it first to understand the rest of the templates.



There are several ways to organise multilateral cooperation and governance. We suggest an original approach, using a pop-up association as a vehicle; it is less responsibility for the individual members and favours continuity. Should you, however, prefer a Consortium Agreement (simple partnership), the template should be adaptable accordingly without too much of a hurdle.



What are the targets of your project as a team? How and by which means do you reach them? This document is meant to establish these aspects.

This document will also help you with the follow-up of your project (accountability, reporting,..). It has to be saved in your dataroom and always accessible to the Operator.



Confidential information will be shared, intellectual property will be used or created: this template is meant to set the rules for these aspects, in the feasibility and beyond .

  1. COMMUNITY  MANIFESTO FOR OPEN INNOVATION (plus excerpt of the Programme’s purpose)

You have already adhered to this as a Participant in the Programme, this document is the same as in the Programme Rules. However, you could make it a part of the rules of your team as well if you wish.


  1. SIGNATURE PAGE (for natural person / for legal entity)


Signature Page LEGAL ENTITY

Whichever contract your team chooses, it has to be ratified by us (the Programme’s Operator):

Once your team has agreed upon its contractual content, your team leader should send to us the latest version as approved (but not signed) by all team members.

We will then ratify this version and send it to each of the team mates, with the signature page listing the ratified contractual documents. By signing this page, you will agree the whole contract as presented in the ratified version.

Please send back the signature page once completed and duly signed to

It will then be time to get to work. May your feasibility study be fruitful!

You are welcome to ask questions through this formular or by email at :

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