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Learn from the peers to challenge the processes

By 8 mars 2024Events

Yesterday, we were welcomed to the heart of innovation promotion in Berne, at Innosuisse.

No fewer than 30 representatives of the 25 active Boosters supported by Innosuisse took part in a day-long workshop to share their experiences.

3 group workshops were set up and led by Emile Dupont, Samuel Lengen and Angelina Keller. The 3 groups were encouraged to share and exchange about :

  • best practices,
  • analyze the challenge stage and the idea selection processes of the different Boosters,
  • the activation of their ecosystems and
  • learn from their peers and be enriched by these collaborations.

The aim of the day was to foster inter-Booster collaboration and learning in order to offer the best processes and services to Swiss industry.