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Microparticules with defined fluorescence lifetime

By 14 avril 2022août 30th, 2022Interviews

About your idea

What is your idea?

We are looking for a solution provider partner who can produce solid micro-particles with defined fluorescence lifetime.

Who is this innovation aimed at, respectively who will be the end user?

Such particles serve as a standard for the calibration of measuring systems. The users are in industry and science as well as in public institutions. It makes life easier for all those who work with fluorescence lifetime measurement systems.

In which areas of application could this innovation be useful?

Operators and manufacturers of air-flow cytometers as well as conventional cytometers and microsocopy-based measurement systems such as Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Measurement (FLIM), benefit from it.

What benefits will it bring to users?

The calibration of air-flow cytometers with fluorescence lifetime measurement (FLLT) in practice becomes practicable. This has far-reaching benefits. The more accurate calibration makes the systems comparable to each other as well as to stationary FLLT systems. Standardisation makes the distributed use of artificial intelligence algorithms in a measurement network possible. The FLLT measurement for bioaerosols such as pollen and spores will be extended by the spectral lifetime measurement with an additional dimension and the classifications will be improved.

Which partners are you looking for for your project?

Someone who can produce such particles and make all the fluorescence lifetime measurements.

About you and the Booster

Who are you?

Erny Niederberger, am CEO and Co-Founder of Swisens AG a spin-off from Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU).

What is your professional background?

I am an electrical engineer and have a postgraduate diploma in business management (MAS) from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU).

Where do you currently work and what position do you hold?

I work for Swisens. We develops, produces and distributes air-flow cytometers with fluorescence lifetime measurement for automatic monitoring of bioaerosols for outdoor and indoor applications. For example automatic pollen monitoring. We are the provider of the measurement instruments for the Swiss Automatic Pollen Network of MeteoSwiss.

How did you hear about the Microtech Booster?

I was informed from a person working on CSEM about this possibility.

Would you like to participate in this idea?

Join the team on the platform.