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Presentation of our partners : EPFL

By 1 avril 2022août 30th, 2022About us, Interviews

Meet the partners of the Microtech Booster, a program supported by InnoSuisse.

This year, we present you our Booster partners.

This month, it’s Antoine Jourdan & Assuntina Desogus‘s turn to introduce themselves, both working at Switzerland Innovation West EPFL in Lausanne.

Antoine Jourdan
Antoine Jourdan, Director Switzerland Innovation West EPFL at EPFL
Assuntina Desogus
Assuntina Desogus, Project Manager Switzerland Innovation West EPFL

You and Antoine are participating in the Steering Committee of the NTN Innovation Microtech Booster. Could you please present yourself ?

Antoine Jourdan and I represent Switzerland Innovation West EPFL, a network of six parks in Western Switzerland covering all Innovation Areas. Switzerland Innovation West EPFL aims to support international corporations in being more innovative by harnessing our academic institutions as a source of innovation.

At the end of this semester, Antoine will leave the Steering Committee to get more involved in projects with companies by coaching them and I will take the representation role of the SIP West EPFL in the consortium.

Assuntina, what is your professional background ?

I am a specialist in public relations, marketing and communication. I worked 10 years in the media field with experience in international company. Since 2015, I am working at the interface between industry and academia building bridges in order to reveal and facilitate the potential of collaboration within the Swiss academic ecosystem and the industry community.

In which company do you work ?

I am employed by EPFL in order to work for Switzerland Innovation Park West EPFL.

What is your function ?

Project manager for Switzerland Innovation West EPFL.

In which sector are your company active ?

Industry relations for research institutions, supporting companies in being more competitive thanks to new technologies.

What products/services are your offering ?

Support companies throughout their innovation journey within the Switzerland Innovation West EPFL ecosystem. We help companies in discovering the potential of academia in innovation, maximizing the impact of opportunities and thus benefiting from our vibrant and unique ecosystem of startups, corporates, SMEs, and other research institutes.

What was your motivation to be a partner of the Microtech Booster ?

Create a place where promising ideas could be converted into innovation thanks to the development of new technologies and thus reinforce Swiss leading position related to microtechnology.

What are your wishes/objectives for the Microtech Booster ?

Our wish is that the Microtech Booster becomes The microtech marketplace to turn ideas into reality !

What are you waiting from the Microtech Booster for your company ?

We would be glad to contribute to technology developments of ideas and host projects on our innovation parks.