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Universal apps ecosystem for your production asset

One of the ideas from our Microtech Booster not only won a selection loop, but following its feasibility study, the project was extended internationally.

Arnaud Eichenberger from SIEMENS, the project manager, tells us more in this interview.

Your idea has been selected in the 5th round of the Microtech Booster, supported by Innosuisse. After completing your feasibility study in the 2nd half of 2023, your project didn’t stop there. Can you tell us more about it ?

After 6 months of work required to create the first prototype, the initial customer feedback has been very promising. Three partners have decided to move forward and develop a commercial and industrializable solution.

The primary target market is the watchmaking industry, particularly located in Switzerland. Growth prospects are also being considered internationally in various European industrial sectors, such as the automotive and aerospace industries. This is why we have applied for funding for our innovation project from the European IRA-SME agency.

What were the overall factors that led to the success of your project?

Ten industrial companies have committed to financially participate and invest time in the development of the MultiToolBox idea. The synergy between partners, consisting of

  • academic interlocutors,
  • IT experts,
  • OT experts,
  • machine manufacturers,
  • and especially end customers,

has been impressively effective. From the start of the study, we distributed the tasks to be completed, and everyone leveraged their experience for the benefit of the project.

How did you manage to ensure that this project didn’t stop at the feasibility study stage?

The motivation of the partners and the enjoyment of working together are the two essential conditions for enabling an innovation project to go beyond the POC stage. Added to this is the demonstration that there is a market demand and a profitable business can be considered for each partner.

Conditions met, the ideal mix is in place to take on a great challenge!

What were the triggers for it to become a success and grow internationally?

We presented the MultiToolBox at the SIAMS trade show in April 2024, which allowed us to gather valuable feedback from visitors. The numerous interactions initiated new prospect visits, both with end customers and machine manufacturers. Through the machine manufacturers who export part of their machines abroad, we aim to start an international business approach.

Meanwhile, we are awaiting the decision from the European funding agency IRA-SME, expected this summer, to accelerate the development of the solution. If the project is selected, the communication campaign carried out through this agency will provide us with greater visibility and credibility on a larger scale.

Can you tell us more about this international success?

Our strategic IT partner, ACTIMAGE, is based in Luxembourg. With entities in Germany and France, we have already identified and contacted future customers interested in the MultiToolBox Ecosystem.

What would you recommend to someone who wants to turn their idea into a real project that lasts?

Believe in your project and find partners who understand and are eager to join the journey.

If you want to know more about the experience of Arnaud Eichenberger as project holder of this idea, you can read & watch its testimonial.

Testimonial of Arnaud Eichenberger from SIEMENS AG