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Surface and color characterization of shiny anodized part

By 14 octobre 2022Interviews

About your idea

What is your idea?

The goal is the objective characterization of shininess and colors of titanium electropolished anodized titanium medical implant. We want to find an innovative methodology to characterize scientifically or mathematically the 2 aspects color and shininess to be able to implement an automatic inspection of this implants and to substitute the traditional human inspection.

Electropolishing modifies the aspect of the surface (smoothness to prevent bones growth) which must be characterized in an objective, quantitative, measurable way. This induces a modification of  the human perception of color too, which must be characterized as well.

Who is this innovation aimed at, respectively who will be the end user and in which areas of application could this innovation be useful ?

This innovation is aimed at the beginning for the department Engineering Services responsible for developing innovative finishing process. At mid term, it should allow to implement an automatic optical inspection using this methodology for the manufacturing and final inspection department.

What benefits will it bring to users?

The advantage for Jabil is mainly to get a Quantitative and Objective Inspection of parts and surfaces. It should allows Jabil to get better knowledge about theory of color too.

Which partners are you looking for for your project?

We are looking for partners with experience and knowledge in electrochemical finishing process, theory of colors, clinical studies, image analysis and/or automated optical inspection.

About you and the Booster

Who are you and what is your professional background ?

Hélène Mourot, I am Msc. Mechanical Engineering with different experiences gained in automotive, watchmaking and medtech sectors in metrology, continuous improvement, innovation, development and process engineering department.

Where do you currently work and what position do you hold?

I work at Jabil as Senior Project Manager Engineering Services.

How did you hear about the Microtech Booster?

We discovered the Microtech Booster through ARCM, Jabil being an active member of this network.

Would you like to participate in this idea?

Join the team on the platform.