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Why not having apps in the industry for your products asset ?

Multitoolbox as universal apps ecosystem for your products asset is the project name of Arnaud Eichenberger, from Siemens Suisse SA.

The idea of this project ?

Today, we all use our smartphones and tablets, which have dedicated business applications that brings us enormous added value in terms of the information they contain and the time we save by using them.

The idea behind the project is to develop similar tools for industry, adapted to the means of production.

The project consists in being able to define, as a function of a machine state, the energy consumption that this machine will have used. In relation to a part produced, the quantity of energy, both electrically and in terms of compressed air, but also the cold part.

What was his biggest challenge during the feasibility study ?

I would say that the experience of having a very heterogeneous team, with 9 companies interested and involved in the project was challenge. Being well organized with each month a steering committee helped us to capitalize on enormously over the course of the project.

His feedback about his Microtech Booster experience

The results achieved after just six months have been extremely beneficial, since today no less than three machines are connected to the solution.

Ta say the ideas are already extremely promising, in terms of a very specific business model, so i’m really looking forward to what’s next.

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