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Precision shaping of SiC by water jet guided laser

Falk Braunmüller, from Synova, is the project manager of this idea.

„It’s a complicated title, but the aim of his idea is to integrate an active control of the machining depths into the process of machining with water guided jet laser and we want to applicate this directly to machining of Silicon Carbide.“

At the end of a 6-month feasibility study conducted jointly with

The biggest challenges were the technical challenges. Both by the integration of the measurement, the controller and also on the application site.

In total, this was a relative challenging project. One of the goals of this project, for Denys Sutter from CondenZero, is to replace an expensive material, the saphir, with a more affordable material being Silicon Carbide.

Find his complete testimonial, with some of his teammates, here.