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Al-Cu assembly by Transient Liquide Phase process (TLP)

By 15 Marzo 2024Interviews

What is the purpose of your idea?

Connecting copper with aluminium is a challenging process. However, if this process is mastered, this assembly ensures both excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, while guaranteeing the lightness of the assembled system. The “Transient Liquid Phase” (TLP) method we propose here enables high-precision parts to be assembled without filler metal or melting. What’s more, the quality of the interface is close to perfection.

Which element brings an innovation to the market?

Transient Liquid Phase (TLP) offers an effective solution for creating permanent joints between two materials with different properties (e.g. aluminium and copper). This technology is particularly useful in industrial applications where heat dissipation, heat transfer, electrical conductivity and light weight are critical factors.

Whom may your idea concern? In which field of activity do they work?

The technology of joining aluminium and copper by TLP offers an effective solution for creating reliable joints between these two essential materials in many industries (electronics, aerospace, automotive, rail, etc.). This idea is therefore aimed at industries in these fields. This method combines the advantages of these two metals while minimizing their disadvantages, making it a valuable joining technique for many applications.

What kind of partners are you looking for to invest in your idea and be part of your team?

Industrial actors interested by research and innovation projects in the field of

  • material science
  • permanent assembly, and
  • high-quality systems.

What are the benefits of the collaboration with industrial/academic partners in your project?

The Haute École d’Ingénierie et de Gestion du Canton de Vaud (HEIG-VD) has multidisciplinary expertise in number of technical fields, including diffusion welding and vacuum brazing through its Institute of Mechanical Design and Materials Technology (COMATEC). COMATEC collaborates with many of the region’s industrial players, including the watchmaking, micromechanics, medical technologies, thermal application, and electrical equipment sectors.

Would you like to participate in this idea?

Join the team on the platform.