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Do you have an innovative microtechnical idea and want to participate in collaborative projects? If ‘yes’, please submit it on our platform !
If your idea is validated and if you have partners, you may be able to obtain up to 20 kCHF of funding to carry out a 6-month collaborative feasibility study.

Call for ideas !

You have an idea you intend / need to develop ?

  • You are a Swiss researcher, a start-up, an SME, a large company, an association, an academic institute ?
  • You are open-minded to develop your idea in a cost-sharing and risk-sharing, innovative and collaborative setting ?
  • The NTN Innovation Booster Microtech offers you the best opportunity to test your idea in feasibility studies.

How to participate in our ideation platform

Are you a Swiss inventor, a start-up, an SME, a large company, an association, a university, … or simply active in the field of microtechnology?

You should submit your ideas on our platform or show your interest in participating in the ideas of others through crowdfunding.

Every 6 months, a certain number of ideas will be selected among those that have already received a minimum of 5kCHF of collaborative funding will be able to start.  Furthermore, they will obtain 20kCHF of additional funding for a feasibility study that will last 6 months.


1. Join the ecosystem

Become a member of the ecosystem and participate in the creation of a competitive Swiss microtechnology industry!

  • Become active on the platform
  • Follow the training courses offered, access the tools
  • Participate in community events
2. Post or follow up on ideas

Join the platform and promote your microtechnology innovation ideas to attract partners and experts or become a partner of a proposed idea yourself!

  • Open up to the ecosystem
  • Attract partners via the platform and your network
  • Accelerate your culture of innovation
Access and registration to the ideation platform
3. Participate in crowdfunding

Receive funds to validate the idea until proof of feasibility (6 months).

  • the ecosystem participates in financing
  • Participatory financing is proof of the market’s interest in the idea.
  • A minimum of 5kCHF collected is necessary to validate the idea.

Become a member of our ecosystem dedicated to Swiss microtechnology innovation! Your advantage: a better boost for your innovation!

With guaranteed support by Innosuisse from 2021 to 2024, the NTN Innovation Booster-Microtech offers new opportunities to Swiss SMEs.

We already have more than 45 partners enthusiastic about taking part in the Booster-Microtech. So why not join us too?


Create more value for your company!

Remain competitive by innovating!

Expand your network with new collaborations!

Get access to new competencies!

Develop your culture of innovation!

Share the costs and risks of your new ideas!


Access an ecosystem with a collaborative approach and support for the protection of ideas and intellectual property.

The Microtech Booster stimulates the creation of interdisciplinary, intersectoral and national innovation teams. These teams are composed of at least one research partner and one implementation partner.

We aim to work with actors from all over Switzerland in a transparent, fair and collaborative environment, with the necessary security regarding intellectual property so that all actors emerge from this collaborative experience.

Over the next 4 years, 45 feasibility studies will be supported! Take advantage of this unique opportunity!

Following the 6 months devoted to the feasibility studies financed by Innosuisse, the collaborative teams will be able to decide together whether or not to continue the project.

The 6 key partners of the Booster – Microtech, the Associazione Industrie Ticinesi (aiti), Innovations Netzwerk Ostschweiz (Inos), the Association de Recherche Communautaire des moyens de production Microtechniques (ARCM), Microcity, the incubateur i-moutier and the Association Switzerland Innovation West EPFL  are at your disposal to support you in your decision-making and accompany you throughout the duration of your project if you so require.

The NTN Innovation Booster - Microtech is a perfect opportunity to inspire and support member companies in our community with innovation.

The 6 committee members:

Anne Hirtzlin, Nicoletta Casanova, Fabian Käser, Bernat Palou, Antoine Jourdan et Lukas Budde

They are already members of the ecosystem

Who are we?

We are a consortium of 6 key Swiss players, active in the field of microtechnology, who are driving the Microtech Booster. Our mission is to attract, promote and accelerate innovation projects through the ideation platform and to create links between interdisciplinary partners.

Joëlle Tosetti
Program Manager and delegated member of the steering committee
NTN Innovation Booster – Microtech
Fabian Käser
Anne Hirtzlin
Antoine Jourdan
Switzerland Innovation West EPFL

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