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NTN Innovation Booster - Microtech

L'innovation collaborative au service de la microtechnique

Vous avez une idée microtechnique innovante et envie de participer à des projets collaboratifs ?

Découvrez quelques idées


Symbiotic cleaning and quality control in microengineering production

Y. Lopez de Meneses

Fully automated solution for cleaning and quality control of microengineering parts for a closed loop production line

10500 CHF / 5000 CHF
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Precision 3D-shaping SiC by water jet-guided laser via active depth-control

F. Braunmüller

We will demonstrate the capabilities of actively controlled 3D-shaping (e.g. pocket machining) by water jet-guided laser on Silicon Carbide (SiC).

9000 CHF / 5000 CHF
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AI and vision based robotic solution for active quality control of small parts

S. Le Coultre

Combine active perception, robotics and AI for automated quality control of small parts

17000 CHF / 5000 CHF
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Dual detector for non-destructive testing in the field of aeronautics

C. Meylan

Check feasibility of flash lamp annealing to pave the way for new applications in the field of non-destructive testing thanks to a new dual detector.

8500 CHF / 5000 CHF
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